At First Sight

At First Sight is a comedic web series that brings to light the struggles of falling in “love” while at the same time revealing how hopelessly misguided the w10463002_738613066182570_3173196733094135089_nhole thing can be.

We all know what that puppy love story sounds like. “I’ve never felt like this before.” “I really do love this one!” “You just don’t understand how I feel!” Familiar?  My goal with this web series is to tell the story of a girl who suffers from this love-sickness, but not by choice. Hazel, an ordinary freshman photography student, falls in love with EVERY guy that she makes eye contact with. Just one look and Bing! she’s gone. And it stays that way until the next day when she wakes up. As you can imagine, falling in love every day would be exhausting, not to mention confusing. The only thing that can stop it from happening is if direct eye contact is never actually made- cue the sunglasses.  So with the help of her roommate Megan and her newly found friendship with Jesse, Hazel tries to navigate through this crazy life of love.

How do you know if this love is real love? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.