King Of Oneiros

(Post Production) : Directed By Dylan Howard

Genre: Abstract DramaKing of Oneiros Poster


Araihc connects with his lost girlfriend after her tragic death only to find himself in a Lucid Dream, where he commands his own universe and finds the love he lost was always within.

Synopsis:After a tragic accident, Chiara (a girl in her early 20s passes away) fueled with great regret Chiara’s lover, Araihc (man in his early 20’s), longs to find closure in saying his peace to her. He decides to descend into his dreams and spend one last day with her, assuming that he would wake up.  Araihc does not awaken instead he is told he had died. He is brought forth to those that play God of all existence temping him power over the stars. Araihc is thrusted upon a world that tests his core and allows him to remember who he is and find Enlightenment as a Lucid Dreamer. He finds wholeness that the love he lost never dies and that he holds it within.