Benjamin Murray

Director/ Producer/ Cinematographer

 Telling stories is a part of me, and I believe there’s no greater way to tell a story than through film. No other art form so heavily relies on a diverse creative team as filmmaking does – with its myriad of departments all creatively contributing to create the director’s vision – and because of this, I feel that no other artwork is as consistently layered and rich as cinema can be. 

  When I was younger, growing up on a farm, I only knew I was fascinated by story telling. At sixteen, I made my first long form project, and so started my education. I moved to NYC after high school, which led to forming my production company, White Night Films LLC. While I’m always still a student of this craft, by hard work, perseverance, and experience, I’ve developed a solid understanding of the filmmaking world. Whatever the story, whatever the project, my goal is to tell it as truthfully and couragously as possible. 

“Everyone has a gift, and I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have found that at this early stage in life. If you allow it, life will take you far, just never forget whom you are. Always ask yourself, ‘why you do the things you do and who you do them for’. Remember why you are where you are, and who helped you get there. Live, love, laugh, cry, and tell a beautiful story.”

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